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E-commerce Web Development Services

E-commerce Development Services

E-commerce Solutions that Fit like a T

E-commerce is a concept that is past its incipient and nascent stage with millions of consumers and companies buying and selling products and services online. Buying online is not only more affordable, but also more convenient today as one can avoid all the traffic and also save on fuel, time and effort. If you have something to sell on the internet, what you require is a smart and innovative E-commerce website.  This shopping cartel should provide consumers with a great interactive experience and should give them all the information that they want, with as little navigation and number of clicks as possible. They also want a shopping experience that is safe and reliable and which also saves their hard earned money.

We at ARK infotec take pride in designing and maintaining total E-commerce solutions for businesses of all hues and sizes. Our solutions are 100% customized and tailor-made to suit the challenges faced by our clients in their chosen niche. There are scores of E-commerce solution providers, but what makes ARK infotec different from others is our level of expertise, commitment to solve the problems of our clients and our whole hearted 24X7 support to help them succeed in their economic ventures.

Shoppers user experience is most important

It has to be understood at the outset that the success of any internet based business, E-commerce site to be precise, depends upon the user experience of the shoppers. You can try cheap E-commerce solution providers and get a shopping cartel made for yourself, but you will be disappointed in the long run with visitors on the site doing very little shopping and not returning or recommending your cartel to their friends and acquaintances. By user experience, we do not mean the looks or appearance of the website. It pertains to the manner in which the shopping cartel responds to the requests made by different shoppers. Remember, the decision to buy of online shoppers is largely dependent of how good they feel while being and interacting with the site.

We help in increasing the traffic and converting visitors into buyers

When the number of online shoppers increases exponentially, so also the number of shopping cartels on the internet, as people today have lots of choices when it comes to buying products and services from the internet. This makes it all the more important for your shopping cartel to be different from others, so that you are able to increase the number of customers and also able to retain your customer base. We at ARK infotec realize that different businesses have different features and USP’s. We make online shopping stores that are fully customized and cater to the requirements of the clients. We have been designing online stores for all kinds of business and the longevity and success of our clients is proof enough of our experience and expertise. In a nutshell, the following are the advantages that you get when you hire ARK infotec for your E-commerce solution.

  • Our rich experience translates into online stores that provide quick ROI
  • We provide out of the box solutions after analyzing the challenges faced by our clients
  • We provide 100% customized E-commerce solutions that are flexible to accommodate future expansion
  • Easy to track orders, ship products and calculate taxes
  • Beautiful product display with mesmerizing photos and CTA buttons
  • Safe and secure shopping and payment system
  • One page checkout for shoppers to save on their time
  • Allows different payment gateways
  • We provide monthly and even daily specials to make it compelling for visitors to buy

Why choose ARK infotec over other Ecommerce solution providers?

  • We provide a working environment that is friendly and very competitive
  • We provide affordable answers to all your E-commerce problems thereby saving you money
  • We never compromise with quality and keep your shopping cartel ahead of the competition
  • We bring to table the combined experience and expertise of a diverse pool of E-commerce specialists
  • We back our customers to the hilt and provide a dedicated 24X7 service to ensure the success of their online venture

We at ARK infotec want you to succeed at any cost as our success is reflected in higher sales and profitability of our clients. We do not employ short cuts to success and build a shopping cartel from scratch, according to the requirements of our client. All this while, you were involved with the designing and making of the online store at each and every step, so that your valuable inputs can be inserted and put into practice, if feasible. If you hire us, we make use of the latest technologies and tools to make sure that your online store is not found lacking in any aspect.

It is your dream, your venture and we try to be a helping hand to translate your dreams into a reality.